Hyggelig was founded by two creators - Sebastian and Andrew, who strongly believe that design is a matter of incredible importance to the world, yet remains far too often unsung.

For many years our main desire was to create. To transform our thoughts into a physical form and show it to the world. We were so hungry that it just needed to happen. Right after this, we wanted to extend craft and transform everything we make into a one-of-a-kind experience. We do hope this website and our care will provide you with a sense of immersion, whether you are looking for a toy for your child, a gift for your relatives or friends or if you just wander and devour design.

At that time we found fascination in ‘hygge’ philosophy and decided to convey our feelings and experience through the medium of compelling aesthetics and subtle form. People have difficulties in translating 'hygge' philosophy but we came up with, we believe, the best explanation. Imagine having a warm cup of tea in front of a fireplace at a comfy chair looking at your baby having an entertaining time smiling at Hyggelig rocker. Isn’t it something we all strive for?

In today’s fast paced lifestyle we observe people don't pay enough attention to simply experience everyday moments with their relatives. Therefore we encourage you to cherish your time, share it with friends and family, as this happens to be our very fundamental human faculty. Because in the end, is there anything more important than family and friends?

Hyggelig. Moments to remember.

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